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Led Zeppelin - Down the Tracks: The Music That Influenced Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

As recent events have proven, Led Zeppelin continues to be one of the biggest bands of all time. Along with Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, they are often cited as the Godfathers of Heavy Metal. But there was more to Zeppelin than just heavy riffs. Led Zeppelin's first album serves as a blueprint for what would follow in the rest of their career. Led Zeppelin 1 showcased an eclectic mix of styles that would set them apart from their contemporaries. There's a huge debt to the Blues music that they loved so much, which was the initial common thread for Page and Plant, with artists such as Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters proving particularly influential.

This fascinating program tells the story of the music and artists that have influenced the legendary British Rock pioneers, Led Zeppelin. Down The Tracks continues to examine how the group created their mighty stadium rock sound that helped
define the musical backdrop of the 70’s, while influencing virtually every heavy metal rock band that came after them.