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Phil Collins - Classic Album: Face Value

Phil Collins

This installment of the Classic Albums series explores the making of Face Value in a one-hour documentary film, with Collins himself providing the bulk of the insightful commentary. From his home studio, he discusses how the lyrics to "In the Air Tonight" wrote themselves after his painful divorce and why a drummer would ever use a drum machine.

Also interviewed are engineer Hugh Padgham, producer Ahmet Ertegun, Genesis colleagues Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, and many of the studio musicians.
Songs such as "Behind the Lines," "I Missed Again," "The Roof Is Leaking," "This Must Be Love," and of course "In the Air Tonight" are excerpted in both home and concert footage (some of it previously unreleased), and Collins accompanies himself at the piano in a wrenching "Please Don't Ask," which was cut from the album.

In the two decades between the original album's appearance and this 1999 video production, Phil Collins has gone on to become an international solo star, but many still consider Face Value his finest album. This documentary shows you why.

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