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Ronnie Wood - Somebody Up There Likes Me (Deluxe BR/DVD + 40 Page Book)

Ronnie Wood

This intimate portrait by Oscar-nominated director Mike Figgis is the first in-depth film biography of the artist, and traces his many lives and careers. A man still at the cutting edge in his seventies, the film tells the story from his humble beginnings in north London, where his older brothers shaped the musical powerhouse he would become, to the unique career that has not only spanned over 50 years (so far) but also traversed some of the most influential musicians the world has ever known. including The Birds, Jeff Beck, The New Barbarians, Rod Stewart, The Faces and of course The Rolling Stones. Ronnie guides us on a journey through his life – painting and performing, accompanied by the friends, musicians and artists who have been part of his life over the years including Damien Hirst, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Imelda May and Rod Stewart.

This Deluxe Edition features the DVD & Blu-ray of "Somebody Up There Likes Me", packaged in a 12"x12" 40-page hardcover book.

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Bonus features:
1. Wee Wee Hours with Imelda May
2. Johnny B Goode
3. Blue Feeling (Instrumental)
Non-Music pieces
4. In The Studio (art piece)
5. Half Man, Half Horse (sculpture piece)