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Simply Red - Classic Album: Stars

Simply Red

Simply Red, with their soulful pop songs, will go down in history as one of the UK’s biggest and most successful pop bands of the late eighties and early nineties. Formed in 1984, Mick Hucknall and co released their debut album Picture Book in 1985, which went platinum, making Simply Red one of that year’s major success stories. Their following albums, Men And Women and A New Flame respectively, continued this success but it was the arrival of Simply Red’s fourth album Stars, released in September 1991 that would change history forever.

Stars would top the UK charts for nineteen weeks and become the biggest selling album of 1991 in the UK, making SIMPLY RED a household name. They also achieved phenomenal success around the world with Stars spawning two top ten hits, “For Your Babies” and the title track “Stars” as well as three top forty hits, “Something Got Me Started”, “Thrill Me” and “Your Mirror”. Stars would go on and sell in excess of eight-and-a-half million copies by the middle of 1993.

Simply Red - Stars Classic Album sees Mick Hucknall talk candidly about the writing and recording of the album and the goings on inside the Simply Red camp at the time. Also featured are exclusive interviews with the band members Gota Yashiki (Drums), Shaun Ward (Bass), Fritz McIntyre (keyboards), Heitor T.P (guitars), Ian Kirkman (Saxophone) as well as interviews from Chris Joyce (original drummer), Elliot Rashman (manager 84-97), Stewart Levine (producer), Lamont Dozier (songwriter/musician) and many more.

Featuring excerpts from:
1. Something Got Me Started
2. Stars
3. Thrill Me
4. Your Mirror
5. She’s Got It Bad
6. For Your Babies
7. Model
8. How Could I Fall
9. Freedom
10. Wonderland

• Frantic Elevators/Roger Eagle - interviews with Mick Hucknell and many more discussing Mick’s band prior to Simply Red
• Forming Simply Red - interviews on the formation of Simply Red
• Stewart Levine/Holding Back The Years - how Stewart Levine came to work with Simply Red and the meaning of and live performance of “Holding Back The Years”.
• For Your Babies (Vocals and Piano) - performed exclusively for this Classic Album DVD
• Joining Simply Red - Gota Yashiki (Drums), Shaun Ward (Bass), Heitor T.P (guitars), Ian Kirkman (Saxophone) and others discuss how they came to join Simply Red
• Wonderland (Vocals and Piano) - performed exclusively for this Classic Album DVD
• Recording Stars - the story behind the title track